Rancilio Silvia 2018 M V5

Rancilio Silvia 2018 M V5

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2019 Rancilio Silvia M V5

There is an "E" version of the Silvia available on some websites. This version is specifically to meet European regulations and is designed to let the Silvia cool down if left on for more than 30mins - which is a disaster given the Silvia needs to be pre-warmed for at least 30 minutes! We only stock the "M" for this reason.

If the 30 minute warm up time is an issue for you, consider the popular Lelit.

Rancilio Silvia Specifications:

  • Made in Milan Italy

  • Single 300ml brass boiler, 1100 watts

  • Chrome plated brass portafilter

  • Filter basket size: 58.6mm

  • Ideal Tamper size: 58.3mm

  • Iron supporting frame (black), stainless steel body

  • 2.5L water tank

  • Dimensions: 290 x 235 x 340

  • Weight: 14kg

  • PID kit option available

  • Easy to use ball-jointed steam arm with 1 hole steam tip

  • Extensive user community for advice and support