TUTTO JUNIOR (Automatic)

  • $790.00
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2 year Warranty

The Cafello Tutto Junior is the baby model of the Tutto. Combining all of the amazing features of the Tutto into a machine designed for use at home. The Tutto Junior is an all-in-one coffee machine with an in-built tamper and conical burr grinder. The Tutto Junior grinds directly into the porta-filter and creates a perfectly creamy espresso shot all by itself, every time!

The Tutto Junior has a milk steam wand so you can texture the milk the way you like. You can operate the entire machine from a touchscreen display including programming of the coffee dosage, language setting and more.


Conical burr grinder
In-built tamper
Touchscreen display
Milk Steamer wand
Anti slip feet
Hot water outlet (For teas and long blacks)
Programmable dosage
Drip tray
Cup tray
100g hopper
1.2l water tank
Double spout porta-filter
Weight: 10KG
10 Amp power
Dimensions with portafilter (WxDxH): 290 x 380 x 410 mm