TUTTO Auto (Automatic)

  • $3,395.00
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2 year Warranty


Dual boiler
Quieter Conical burr grinder with 300W motor
Grinder adjustment more accurate than V1
In-built tamper 5x stronger than V1
Touchscreen display and more accurate brewing interface than V1
PID (Adjustable brew boiler temperature up to 100 Degree)
High groups; Adjustable to low group
Hot water outlet (For teas and long blacks) and steam wand
Stronger Inlet Solonoid
Tray can be plumbed if needed
Discharge goes straight to the tray
Stronger rubber feet
Newly designed steam and hot water tap from Italy
100g hopper ( Can be upgraded to 500gm)
Single and Double shot porta-filter
Weight: 25KG
Dimensions with portafilter (WxDxH): 560 x 600 x 430 mm